October 8, 2008

In middle school
We met for the first time
Held hands throughout science
And gave each other our very first kiss in the hallway.

In high school
You ask me
To be your girlfriend
And I said yes
We walked through the halls happily.

The first time you told me you loved me
We were in our special place deep in the woods
Beneath the big oak tree
I was so happy I knew without words
And replied with a huge grin

I remembered the first summer
After senior year
When we went to
The beaches of Malibu to get away.
To get away from all the “you two are way too young.”
To get away from the people who
Didn’t believe in our relationship.

I remember the day
My father tried to send
Me away from you,
“I wound not go through life without you”
I would be lost and could not be found”
I said to you as we ran away.

I remember the day we came back
It was a dark and rainy night
We came back to the faces of the people
Who didn’t think we could make it.
We told all of them that
We loved each other
And there was nothing they could do.

Now I am standing
Looking at you
In my long white fairy tail dress
And you in your black tuxedo
About to combine our
Life into one.

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