I Am From

October 9, 2008
By Shelby Walker, Alpharetta, GA

I am from scratches, stitches, and boo-boos
Daddy brings ginormous stuffed and fluffed animals
I am from grandpa pushing me on my pink bike and letting go
The late movie nights holding onto my blanket
Stuffing popcorn in my mouth watching Cinderella
Dressing up like a bunny rabbit for Halloween
Collecting 3 Musketeers in my bag saving for later
I am form Barbie dolls
The collection of clothes oozing wedding dresses and pink high heels
From exploring the creek beyond my house
Our pale feet hop from stone to stone
I am from fun summers with my cousins
Screaming our heads off at Braves games
From hiding in our clubhouses all day
Crawling through the dirt leaving our knees as brown as footballs
I am from gathering beautiful fall- colored leaves
And saving them in a special bag
From NSYNC and Backstreet boys
I am from playing tag all day long
The sweat rolls down our rosy cheeks
I am from soccer running and shooting
From my little pink dress that hangs in my closet
In my closet below the shelf of my old dirty Nikes
The scrapbook of my life that pieces me together

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