Dream Heaven

October 9, 2008
By Sunceray Wannamaker, Aliquippa, PA

I was once lost in a world of lies, pain, forgotten names, and lost and broken hearts. I was found in a world where everything and anything was possible. It was like all I had to do was ask or pray for whatever and it was given or bestowed upon me. I found that this world was full of forgotten pain but it was for a good reason and it made the people happy. This world was explorative. I found that my pain was soon forgotten and my fascination with this world had grown and gotten strong. My heart was whole and noone could break it. This place could be called heaven, it should be called heaven. See, this world was beyond the pass and the present. It was like my future was being lived and my destiny was being fulfilled. I loved it and began to call this place heaven. For some odd reason I couldn't feel pain or hurt. I only felt relieved, love, happiness, joy, and alive. Soon I realized that I was alive but living my life in heaven.
Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream. A dream that took place in the gates and world of heaven!!

The author's comments:
My music group inspired me to write this. Our logo was passionate and made me wonder. Our logo is OUR WORD IS BOND

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