uplift me tonight

October 9, 2008
Clouds of powder painted the sky
Over a pale black coat it shined
Scattered stars filled the rest
As I hold my feeling in I look toward it
Is this where we begin?
Looking up I want to believe you’re there
Jumping on the clouds
Soaring high in the air
Can you hear me?
Are you the star that shines over my head
Are you the wind rustling as it soothes me off to bed
Is this where I can hold onto you
I bet your smile make’s the heaven’s pure white
Im counting on holding onto you’re aura tonight
I lay down as my face points to the sky
Here I wonder if you can see me now
I need a sign you can hear me now
See I’ve fallen and I need your heavenly grace
I need you to come save me
Take me out of this place
These words harpoon my soul to a trace
These people they cut me as I feel im running in place
I need to hear you
Tell me everything will be okay
I need you to show me I can come up and see the way
Closing my eye’s I feel something uplift inside
I wish you were here or I was there
I know you’d help me
I know you’d care
So please sweet angel of the clouds
Uplift my spirit and show me how.

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