The Fear of the School Locker

October 14, 2008
In a land far, far away,
Was an 8th grade girl named Fay.

Fay had the most friends and was more popular than the rest,
She was the role model of her school, surely the best.

She treasured her friends in middle school, but merely one thing was the worst,
The horrid lockers that surely were all cursed.

She got her 3 digit locker combination,
Just looking at this code added much more frustration.

The walk to her locker was a whole 50 miles long,
She held back the tears in her eyes and thought strong.

The hallway seemed as long as the Nile River,
The closer she got, the more she would shiver.

Approaching real close, were the taunting storage holders,
Fay stretched out her arms, her hands, and her shoulders.

The bell rings soon, three minutes to go,
The only thing she didn¡¯t want was a talkative friend to come up and say hello.

Her science book was what had to go,
Holding that science book to every class would make her walk quite slow.

She tried to enter her locker combination,
The only thing that opened was more aggravation.

With a minute until class,
Fay ran for her life, this was a class she had to pass.

Fay made it to class with an air spring.

Fay¡¯s arms made a frown which wasn¡¯t a shocker,
From that heavy science book that was meant for the locker.

To Fay¡¯s joy and surprise,
Her confidence started to arise.

To her left was Kelly and to her right was Joanne,
Two best friends to choose from, one of them could help her open up her locker; maybe they would have a plan.

Fay turned to Joanne, for hopefully she could save this massive mess,
If she taught Fay how to open the locker, it would make Joanne her role model, and surely would capture her excess stress.

Embarrassment was Fay¡¯s primary concern,
Hopefully no laughing would take place, just Joanne teaching Fay, and Fay preparing to memorize and learn.

Fay firmly tapped Joanne on her back.
It seemed like an echo, ¡°Did everyone hear me? Are they all going to laugh¡±?

¡°Joanne, can you teach me how to put in my locker combination?¡±

¡°Of course!¡± replied Joanne, without hesitation.

As soon as class ended, the tension started growing,
On the way to the lockers, that¡¯s where they were going.
They finally arrived at the taunting storage lockers,

¡°This is so hard!¡± Said Joanne sarcastically,
Fay only hoped that she would help her fantastically.

Joanne began at the numbers, 26,7,38.
She turned the dial so smoothly, Fay just couldn¡¯t relate.

The locker slowly opened with such grace and class,
She didn¡¯t want the moment to quickly surpass.

¡°Now it¡¯s your turn, Fay, let¡¯s put your skills to the test,
To the right, then the left put your mind at its best.¡±

Fay slowly lifted her heavy hand out of her pocket,
Number 26, then 7, then 28. She opened up the lock and jumped up like a rocket.

¡°I did it! I did it!¡± confessed frolic Fay.
She opened up her locker, no more dissatisfying dismay!

Fay learned to not be embarrassed, but to always ask how to do it before the given day,
¡°These lockers are pretty cool, after all! I¡¯m going to use them in every way!¡±

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