October 12, 2008
By Andrea Salcedo, Roy, UT

I’m scared to look at myself
They’ve covered up the old me
Will I be different?
Your beautiful, they whisper
All I can get out is a smile
How can I thank them
They’ve always been there
There’s no words to explain my gratitude
My dress makes me feel strange
It’s my dream dress
All eyes are on me
Cameras flash in every direction
One pair of eyes catch my attention
My dads, they’re filled with tears
Your changing, he says
Yet your still my daughter and I’ll always be there
It’s hard to hold back my own tears
She has a simple smile on
Your amazing, she whispers
It’s hard to let go of them
They’re my protectors, my everything
Little hands tug at my dress
My sisters giggle and smile
You look pretty, they say
I wish I could join them
But I am now a woman I am fifteen
This is my Quincenera

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