This Game you played

October 12, 2008
By Christine Z, Montvale, NJ

Love isn’t as simple as people say
Once you fall into it, it goes the other way
Once you’re trapped you can’t get out
Its like being locked in a room and the key I’m without
Love is just a game
That everyone wants to play
It leads us on until we stay
It was meant to fill my heart
Then it broke me in part
Begging to be let go of the misery caused
I didn’t take that time to pause
I stayed up to late thinking about you
I should’ve known you weren’t going to follow through

She’s always one notch ahead
She’s always the one that’s better
Flirting with you was her ticket in
How’d I know she’d always win?
I shouldn’t have fought it
And left us where we were
We were better off not together
I guess I thought you’d love me forever

What do you see in those eyes?
She’s wearing the worst disguise
Jealousy runs through my mind
And I’m waiting, just passing time
You won the game, and I’m sitting here in shame
I can’t stand this misery you drive through me, I’ll go insane
You dwell in my mind night after night
Even when we got in those stupid fights
Forever in my thoughts
I’ll never let you go
I’m hooked on the worst drug I know
I want to forget but you make it so hard
The thought of you being there
Doesn’t really bring me far
You made my heart complete
Always kept me standing tall on my feet
I knew you were going to break it from the start
False pretenses that’s how we fell apart

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This article has 1 comment.

kmalone2121 said...
on Oct. 23 2008 at 7:38 pm
Wow... this is great, i love how you related love to a game


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