White Flying

October 12, 2008
By Valerie Cross, Carmel, IN

Swiftly she thunder o’er the plains
Bearing her beauty of all her own
Oft’ she evade the hunters wrath
And hidden meanings upon the path

She flies nowhere east west north south
West coast to east coast sing to her joy and weep to her sadness
Seeking all the things that call her life
Across the prairie, it calls her home

She sings her song as she passes each town
All people await her flying game
As she passes the shadows fall down
The stars are dwarfed in the light, as their smiles know her name

Even in its darkness the rain shall shine
Even when the green pastures will see no stars
The rainbow revealed in its prime
When all think it is gone

All who seek her shall not find her
Those who don’t will see her beauty
One of one hundred will here her whisper
As she passes into darkness

To once again to give her light
Up to those in need of life
Up to the air she passes on all things
Distant but near love to hear is her gallant wings

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