Away, It's Broken Again

October 11, 2008
Tamper with my heart
And say it's just for fun.
Tell me that you're smart
When I've already won.
That girl, oh, what was her name?
Marissa? Cameile? It's all the same.
It really doen't help the way it's been.
Gee, thanks for lying again.
Why do you lie to me,
Day after day?
What's it gonna be?
Or, rather, what are you gonna' say?
Gonna' break my heart?
Slap me in the face?
Shove me to the ground
And yell in my disgrace?
Make me feel insecure?
Ha. I'd like to see you try.
One thing's for sure:
You'll never see me cry.
I won't break down,
Not for you, not again.
Go away, you fool.
I'm not your tool.
I won't cower in fear.
I just wish you'd hear.
Jesus, get a life.

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