October 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Razor blades slitting my wrists
Black tears flowing from my eyes
Painful screams coming from my soul
My heart being suffocated by chains
My mouth being sewn shut with wire
My voice being shushed
My hopes being crushed
My mind shutting down
My world falling down
Pain that felt like daggers
Torture that had no end
Words that could not be spoken
Everything colliding
Everything subsiding
Pain and control do not equate to love
Love does not fill empty holes
Blood and tears can only do so much
You need strength when you are weak
You need hope when your future shatters
You need perseverance when you are being constrained
You need a voice when you are being quieted
You need to fight when you want to surrender
You need to claim victory no matter what
Razor blades left scars
Tears dried upon my cheek
Melodies sang from my heart
Independence was given to my soul
A voice was given to my mouth
Hope was given to my corrupted life
Torture rested in its deathbed
My life began picking up the pieces
It glued them all together
Nothing can break something that has been fixed with superglue

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