October 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Their love so pure
So strong
Never can it be destroyed
The perfect match
Soul mates maybe even
They belong together
They fight as any couple does
Yet what seperates them from
Other couples
Other people
They'll never forget about eachother
Their bond can never be broken
Nothing can tear them apart
So inlove
So perfect for eachother
No one can come between them
To seperate them for eternity would be
For they are meant to be
Through thick an through thin
They'll always be there
Together forever
I can see them forever more
So happy
So inlove
SO incredible together
Still impossible to tear apart
To him she's the world
To her he's better than the perfect storybook dream come true
Even a fool could tell
What they have is
Almost impossible
It's everything anyone could ask for
It is...
An invicible love

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