Catch Me?

October 11, 2008
I'm on my way, falling back down
screaming, with no one around.
Save me, catch me, don't let me fall.
Tell me, can you hear my scream at all?
Save me, catch me, don't let me fall.
No second guessing or time to stall.

Closer and closer to the ground
and your still no where to be found.
save me, catch me, hear my voice.
My life, your debate, with one final choice
save me, catch me, hear me voice
Let me capture my breath in rejoice.

Only minutes before I finally hit land
A tear forms, as I search for a helping hand.
Leave me, watch me, here I go.
All I risked for you, since the first hello.
Leave me, watch me, here I go.
Face first into the ground below.

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Tess Brooks said...
Oct. 19, 2008 at 10:29 pm
I've got to tell you, Brittaney, this poem is really good, but kinda sad. It really shows a great range of talent on your part, so keep on writing, but try to be more... oh, nevermind, there is nothing you can improve on!
Brittaney (: said...
Oct. 17, 2008 at 4:43 am
I hope everyone enjoys my poem. Please, please, please, leave honest feedback and rate my poem accordingly. Thanks to everyone who does (:
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