When You Turn 16

October 11, 2008
By My-Eisha Wicks, Farmington, CT

The entire concept of life changes
And for once I’m speechless.
No, upset at something worse than losing your blankie
Or knowing your puppy didn’t run away:
It’s the pain you get from living,
The first jump off the cliff,
The uneasy feeling you give with the waves you make.

Why look back now, there’s nothing to see?
But you lost your third eye in battle;
Blind to the joy of the terrible two’s,
The livelihood of words when you get five candles,.
Now I realize I shouldn’t cherish every year,
But in kindergarten I was a movie star,
Standing in front of a mirror with no need to hide
And with a flick of the wrist I was normal again

But now I’m locked away in my tower
Watching the leaves dance at night
As I obediently prepare for the next day,
My party dress, it rest on a hanger in the darkness
After being replaced by a suit, pumps, and responsibility,
My party dress fades to a pessimistic pink;
Reality sucks the life out of us.

This is the end of living, of life as I knew it.
And the pressure gives way to the levee;
It is year to do the unimaginable.
The year to stop dreaming.
I throw away my teddy bears and
Replace them with pictures of models on my wall,
Never to forget the anthills I often visited.
Under a magnifying glass,
Ants burn. I cry.

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