See Her Again

October 11, 2008
By Donna Karaqi, Pleasantville, NY

There was nothing but silence throughout the whole scenery
Nothing but tears and crushed broken hearts
They all stood one by one, eyes caste towards her body
She still looked beautiful even on this gloomy day

I remember her smile and how she could light a room
Her bubbly personality had everyone in a brighter mood
The way her hair framed her fragile face
Her hands so soft and so full of grace
Her big brown eyes leaving so much memories

A small little whisper is what was all that was heard
As a little boy looked up with a questioning look
“Why is mommy asleep?” He finally mused
Head tilted to the side while slightly confused

Daddy looked down at him not knowing what to say
His son was small, so innocent, so angelic…
“Why is everyone crying?” He questioned one more time
A single tear escaping from daddy’s sadden eyes

Arms wrapped protectively around him, his words began to flow
In such a mellow tone…
“One day you’ll see her again, and she’ll shine like never before.”
He didn’t understood on what he meant
But he knew that he’ll see her some time again…

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