Cat's Out of the Bag Now

October 11, 2008
I crouch in the shadows,
Of an overhanging eve,
Around me cars honk,
Music plays, sirens wail,
As the city hovers,
On the brink of slumber,
An insomniac,
On their first spoon of Nyquil,
Weary but unblinking,
As invisible stars,
Twinkle behind a veil,
Of impenetrable fog,
My hand trails down,
To a dagger concealed,
In the depths of by boot,
A whole new breed,
Of stiletto heel,
Fingering it, I purr,
And gracefully, I spring,
Leaping up the ladder,
With feline subtlety,
A seductress of the nigh,
A cat burglar defined,
As beautiful as the moon,
And as dangerous,
As a tiger,
Cold air rushes,
Into my expanded lungs,
As the breath deep,
The scent of adventure,
When I feel most alive,
The thrill of the hunt,
And knowing,
That I’ll come out on top.

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