Trials And Tribulations

October 11, 2008
By Christian Passen, Wellington, FL

I would like to share my poetry, so all of you could hear
Some of the words that I've been thinking, all throughout the year
Before I could stand up, I had to take another look
Cause I couldn't find a single poem, about happiness in my book
I flipped through the pages, from page one to one-hundred and three
But every poem that I found was about pain and misery
I am not a suicidal person, my dream is not to die
But all my poems say it is, so I start to wonder why
Why are my poems sad, why do they bring me down?
Why aren't they full of joy, or express a loving sound?
Then I remembered sometime ago, that I had to move away
But every little part of me, was wishing I could stay
I had to leave some friends and I had to leave this girl
That's why some poems talk about, a cruel and heartless world
So I got involved with drugs and drinking alcohol
Words of regret were soon splattered on the wall
Poems could never define just how angry I could be
I always hated the fact that, I'm my own worst enemy
The girl that I love, I heard liked some other guy
So that explains the poems, expressing why I cry
But I still had hopes, that she would know how I feel
I'd run back to my home and show that my love is real
But soon I did hear that she was moving away
And I wouldn't get to see her, so in this dreaded town I'll stay
I met someone else somewhere later on in life
But she stabbed me in the back with a metaphorical knife
So I'd write about things such as betrayal or pain
When you read my poems you may think that I'm insane
I had a real good friend, he was who I tried to be
But he one day said, “You shouldn't act like me.”
I was taken aback, and for him I was concerned
He taught me how to write, it was through him that I learned
That the life we live is short, we must enjoy it while we can
We must live each day in the moment, not rely on some plan
Sometime in the summer, I went to serve my Savior
In going to this camp I hoped to change my behavior
At first I was shy, and afraid to sing aloud
But I'm done being ashamed, from now on I'll stand proud
When I got back I wanted to compose a song
A song for God, showing my faith is strong
I met some friends through church, and so we formed a band
I got kicked out for my style, but that wasn't hard to understand
I want to be happy and put a smile upon your face
I want to be true to myself at any kind of place
I want to write a song that will make you clap you hands
I want to sing a tune that will make you want to dance
But sometimes what we want isn't always what we get
At times we swing and miss when we are hoping for a hit
So don't put me down because of what I say
I just write what comes to mind each and every day
I write about the truth and don't advertise some lie
I write about my life, it's what helps me get by
I'm sorry if you're offended or don't look at me the same
but my words are the truth, from my heart is where they came...

The author's comments:
This poem describes my thoughts about the past three years of my life.

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