October 10, 2008
He is everything you love
He's sweet
He's perfect
He's this
He's that
People only ever list the things they like
But what about all the flaws?
What about all his mistakes?
Should they go unlisted?
Left out?
All because you love him
Yet as soon as he breaks your heart
All his flaws come out
All his mistakes
No longer left out
Suddenly remembered
You say you couldnt care less
You're over him
You hate him
Yet if you had 1 chance to fix everything
What would you do?
You'd go back
You'd stop it all
Stop him from breaking your heart
Stop yourself
From maybe breakin his heart
Doing somthing you didnt even realize
Something you think about
Before you go to sleep at night
When you wake up in the morning
Yet u'll never admit
Just how much you care for him
You will never admit
You love him

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