I will never return

October 10, 2008
I am never comming back

to the love that we had.

To the memories had we built,

I will never return to.

You were my first love, my best friend.

Yet I am never comming back.

It was beautiful and perfect, all anyone could have wanted.

You the ideal and perfect gentlemen,

you who treated me as a princess.

But I will never return to you,

my knight in shining armor.

Our love blossomed like a daisy in a barren field

untouched by man, purely innocent.

But I will never return.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months

our love grew stronger.

And one by one fragments of our hearts

were exchanged.

I held yours and you mine.

But I wont return to reclaim what was given to you.

I will never return to my first love

because my second love has me

enrapted in his powerfull arms to forever


I had ment to one day come back and reclaim my place

and to live happily ever after

till the end of time.

But I have been snached up,

held hostage not altogether against my will.

I am deep into a love affair.

Life has me mesmerised by his charms.

And to run back to a mortal first love

is to sacrifice my soul,

my entire being.

So I refuse to return to our love, our

memories of love,

and the perfect life.

Without complications and disputes.

I trade that life in with a

loving heart

for a life of knowledge and


One where knowledge and discovery never


A love that defies boundries.

A love affair with life.

So I will never return to my first love,

but you

will never be without apart

of me.

But you will forever be without all of me.

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