Where I Am From

October 10, 2008
By Nicole Ottaviano, Austin, TX

I am from Oreos, from Choolate and Milk.
I am from the lake and its smooth, calm waves.
I am from Oak Trees and Weeping Willows, whose strong branches held me up as I sat on them and read.
I am from Family Trees and Family Reunions, from Ottaviano and Michele and David.

I am from Tubing and Skiing.
From Santa and the Easter Bunny.
I am from Midnight Stories and Long Nights.
I am from Christianity and God, from the Lord and Jesus, from Bibles and Candles, to Love and Affection.
I'm from Georgetown, Pizza and Pasta.

From the crazy times with Mom and the weird times with friends and the cool times with Dad.
I am from dusty shelves and old pictures.
From baby pictures and boxes packed away.
I am from fights and war and love and peace.
I am from those loved things-
Those that make my life special-
I am from Me.

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