October 10, 2008
By Bethany Garrison, Andover, KS

Tall with blondish-brownish,
Sometimes sarcastic, but funny and always ready to listen to anything her friends might say,
The sister of caring,
And daughter of sarcasim and the best listener,
Who always loves her best friends, her family, and listening to her favorite music,
Who wishes no one cried, no one died, and everyone cared,
Who creates the best memories, ridiculous messes, and outstanding song lyrics,
Who wonders about who she will marry, why she has the friends she does, and what college she will go to,
Who everyday dreams of never losing her friends, what she will miss once she is gone, and who her husband will be,
who all the time remembers her grandma dying just one week after her birthday, and the terrorist attack on September 11,
And who believes that everthing happens for a reason.

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