Lost love makes it hard to breathe.

October 10, 2008
By lynsey bennett, Morristown, TN

Inhale, exhale,
Breathing keeps getting more difficult the more you run through my mind,
My heart is deadenedby my painm
My cheeks are numb from the constant flow of tears,
You wont leave my thoughts,
Your'e memory haunts them like something so evil that it sends chills down my spine,
I'm paralized by my sorrow that sends a shock through my body,
"Why am i not good enough?" The question I ask myself so many times during the day,
Should I give up, Should I just leave?
Right now I feel as if I should,
All I ask is that you remember the past so you will want to have a future with me,
I tell myself this is too much, I am about to break,
I ask myself why can't I just move on,
I tell myself I can move on,
I tell my self again I can move on,
I suddenly ask myself, where did that pain I was just feeling go.
I say to myself you did it, you made it through, you are good enough, time to start you future.

The author's comments:
This piece i feel is very meaningful to me. These days so many teens are faced with depression, and take the easy way out of it, I want to send the message that you can make it through anything just keep believing.
I want to send a possitive message out to people of my age. I hope you guys like it.

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