The Perfect Song

October 10, 2008
By Christopher Stevenson, Newark, DE

Give me some sweet words to put from pen to paper images
Some heartfelt reason to turn it from poem to song
I will write a masterpiece all in your beautiful name and visage
Every staff will be perfect, no notes in the wrong

Give me the loyalty I need to feel to get the feeling right
The emotion to make the feeling an empathetic epidemic to all
I’ll give you everything and then the moon on this night
A wonderful set of memories to refrain to at nightfall

Give me your hand and grip tight so I can feel that you’re there
Entwine your fingers and turn it from reassurance to a bond
A connection so strong that time can barely contain us as a pair
A pair so strong that the world would burn with envy and beyond

Step to me, and press yourself into my embrace where the world can’t see
Let the heart scream out, turn from a butterfly flutter to skipping a beat
This is where I long to be, locked arm in arm, in our own little place to be
It shall be your heart and mine in a play with no finale, life at its peak.

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