Long Live...

October 9, 2008
By Anonymous

It's not a dream, it's not a nightmare.
I promise, you won't wake up one day and everything will be better-everything fixed.
You make decisions for yourself.
Think about them carefully.
Don't upset, don't be bad.
It will slap you in the face someday.
Take what you've got and use it for the best-for the better.
It may surprise you, harm you, fill you up, let you down. Get through the bad times by thinking about the good.

Never put anyone or anything down.
Most importantly, don't put yourself down.

Have a nice life.

The author's comments:
Yes, I too have had struggles. Things don't always turn out how i expected or would have liked. When I'm down, I think of everything I have. Though it may not be much, think of people who would do ANYTHING to have what you have.

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on Oct. 16 2008 at 10:23 pm
THIS POEM REALY SPEAKS TO ME . It makes me just really want to jump for joy and pray to the heavens. I praise you anonomous from olympia washington and please write some more! I LOVE YOU!!! GREAT JOB! PLJ! ( PEACE LOVE AND JOY!) :)


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