The Child

October 9, 2008
By TJ Barclay, Wichita, KS

In school the child waits,
Bored by habitual actions.
He’s daydreaming ‘bout the day,
But then his name he heard.

It wasn’t the teacher who called him,
It was the lady down the hall.
He was leaving school today,
From his mother they had gotten a call.

He waited in the office,
For his mother to pick him up.
And when she walked in slowly,
Her face did not light up.

The car was a stony silence,
As she took him home from school.
He never saw this coming,
What he saw was cruel.

He saw two giant towers,
Smoking in the sky.
Then he began to cower.
His mother started to cry.

As the second tower exploded,
And the first began to fall.
The world had just stopped turning,
This child didn’t understand it at all.

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