My Once in a Lifetime

October 10, 2008
As I awake to the bright morning sun
peaking into my window, I arise for the
day ahead, not knowing what it will hold.
As I open the door and step outside,
the cold chills rush around me.

Swaying from side to side as the
waves run quickly into the ship.
As I head up the ice covered stairs,
I walk slowly fearful of what might happen.
As I swiftly open the heavy door,

to the heated room filled with people,
people playing cards, people reading,
and people talking to one another about
things that seem so unreal.

I find some friends and join their game,
as the time passes, a man comes over the
speaker, unsure of what is now to come.
“Get on your gear, and bundle up!”
As we quickly run back to our rooms
we look around for our belongings.
From funny hats,
To huge, warm gloves,
to those warm
comfy jackets that are so soft,
and ugly, big green boots.
We board the zodiac one at a time,
and in a seconds notice we are
whisked away from the mother ship.

We land in a place so unfamiliar to us,
and at first glance it seems like nothing.
As time goes on, we walk around and in
that time we began to find an animal so amazing,
an animal that is so small and its colors so common,
this animal is a penguin.
As we approach a hill, we climb it,
devouring any obstacles
that get in our way, only so that
we can get to the place where wonders happen.

As everyone halts and stares with jaws wide open,
we look and see
thousands of animals dressed
in black and white tuxes.
Whipping out cameras,
pictures are being taken at the
blink of an eye.
As we begin to break apart,
we explore this land
from high hills all the way
to the sand covered beaches,
finding treasures that people can only see in books.

From penguins, to elephant seals, and glaciers all around,
I wish that time would stop and forever in this place
I would stay. This place that
I love so much, with all that is here
and all that has been done,
this place that is now and forever my home.
This place is called Antarctica.
this place that I call my home is Antarctica.

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Sam said...
Oct. 20, 2008 at 3:50 pm
I read this poem once in a lifetime.
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