Where I'm From

October 10, 2008
By Kathryn Gilliam, Austin, TX

I am form sunscreen
Fom coppertone and zinc-oxide
I am from the sand on the beache
(Soft and warm as I walk along the shore)
I am from the Eucalyptus trees
The field of yellow flowers called "Poppies
I'm from fantasies of "Matusee" and "Were Going On a Bear Hunt"
From Judge Samuel Adams and Aaron Puttnam
I'm from the "know it alls" and the "over-achievers"
Im from nightly prayers and obeying the Ten Commandments
I'm fromthe Golden Hills and a Thoasand Oaks
Barbeque chichen and ice cream cones
From scars across my brothers face reminding us of a targic accident
The lost wing of a wing from a wild raccoon
In a cabinet lay lots of pictures
Filled with beloved memories
Family and friends

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