You Are Flooding My Fish Tank

October 7, 2008
By Amanda Pisarski, La Habra Heights, CA

The world is your oyster

You're flooding my shell

With your trucks and cars

You are making my life hell

Salt is the essence of our lives

Each day it is harder to get by

Lush greens and beaded rice

Why are we paying your price?

The water level is rising

Dirty and brown

Maybe evolution will be our friend

Give us fins and give us gills

For water is what over spills

You are deaf to our cries

You are blind to our distress

What news do you listen to?

There are bombs over Baghdad

But remember there is water over our heads

My family once grew

They once grew the greens

Not so much now

It's hard to grow when you can't salvage the seeds

My country will be gone

Six feet under water

By the time you stop arguing

Trust me Sir, it is a problem

You have worked the earth to the core

Worked her to a frothy sweat

None of your ice cubes can save us now

This problem can't be swept under our feet

The world is your oyster

Fine then take it

But if you want the pearl

You better save it

The author's comments:
This piece is about the flooding in Bangladesh and about the lack of publicity this crisis has in the world compared to celebrity news and the war in Iraq. It was written for my Oceanography class last year.

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