The Judge

October 7, 2008
By Joseph Perez, Land O' Lakes, FL

Whose to judge
What I'm for?

Dealing cards on the street
My heart is dancing to its
Own beat

But whose to judge
What I'm for?

Gay Marriage
Death instead of a baby carriage
Running in a marathon
or a stripper on a pole in thin

But whose to judge
What I'm for?

Stem-cell research
from baby miscarriages
Save a life and
there it is
Political views?
Religious rules?

But whose to
judge what I'm for?


The author's comments:
This piece started off as a collaboration of the many different political standpoints that we Americans are faced with in the up and coming Presidential election. Before I had chosen my topics I used one of my favorite quotes “Take a chance and Look Around”, because so many of us are close minded and to be able to excel in life we need to look at the bigger picture and be open minded to anything and everything. When we as teens develop preconceived notions they tend to stick with us because we reject the unfamiliar, and we let our fears of the unfamiliar overcome us that is why it is important to “Follow your dreams not your fears.” The poem is also set to remind teens of peer pressure, and how they have to make their own decisions instead of letting outside parties determine there standpoint on any topic, that is where the “Whose to judge what I’m for?” comes in, because in the end the only person that can judge what your for is yourself. After I had decided what I wanted the main focus of the poem to be I began thinking of three main topics that I would have liked to be brought up in the poem. So by doing this I did my research trying to figure out what I would want to see change in American society , and I was thinking about how other people could relate to me. So that is why my three topics were: Abortion, Gay Marriage, and Stem-Cell Research. We as teens are faced with many different choices and obstacles in our life and it is a bumpy road, so I think anyone can relate to these topics. That was my purpose of this poem.

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on Nov. 9 2008 at 7:46 am
I really like the topics brought up in this, it's vey good.


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