The Chalk Girl

October 6, 2008
By sarah levine, Granite Bay, CA

In the hot sweet air
Of midsummer nights
Three couldesacs down
And two to the right

We played in the streets
Till the lamps came on
And by gates of lies passed
To the secrets beyond

But when we were young
Rules were not always the same
On some magic nights
They’d twist and they’d change

Like when something raw
Caught your blue eye
And you knelt down to see
What it was in the night

And found a small chalk girl
Drawn out in white
Full of black asphalt
On the inside

You stopped and stared
For a moment or two
To see if her world
Collided with you

Picked up the chalk
That lay on the ground
Through the gate with her
Been nightly thrown out

And filled in the spaces
That seemed to be missing
Where a heart should have been
On the chalk started bleeding

You spoke of the lamp
Every night of that summer
That shown down on the street
So brightly upon her

When frightened she asked
Of this how you knew
You sweetly would say
It shown down on you too

And said not to forget
With the heart you’d drawn
That tomorrow the play
Would start again at dawn

And so as long as she picked herself
Up off the ground
Your worlds would keep spinning
Round and around

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