Changing Winds, Winds of Change

October 6, 2008
By Ben Basgall, Kansas City, MO

O' changing winds how you
Dance about and play with
Young children and men of old

O' how you are gentle as if
The first baby's breath
Were of your own to majestically court.

O' dancing winds how you move about;
Silly child of earth's delight
you ballerina,
You twirly little thing, how you look
So pretty wearing the pinks of flowers
For your masquerade and ballet.

O' Frilly wind how you've made
Welcome into the hearts of man and
Woman, you temptress of lilly fragrance
You perfume the cities with rural beauty.

O' wind how you've coerced the things
Around you to succumb to your will,
You sneaky little Delilah with your
Freedom at your beck and call.

O' wind how fast you've grown,
How you've begun to cheat and lie.
How you destroy and surround yourself
With eternal sleep and nothingness.

O' Changing winds how you dance.

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