October 7, 2008
By Aamber Swann, Jacksonville, NC

what is a troubled heart

that does not speak?

what do you call a soul

that does not weep?

well, you will never know

until you seek

every person that sits beside you,

leads you and guides you

into thinking that everything is okay

they seem so familiar day-to-day

with polished and pasted faces,

but behind the scenes

the obligated smile replaces the

therapeutic tears of release

and they burn with a desperation

to have your peace

their desolation dwells for days

because it has its ways

and there's no peace of mind

and you are not there to truly find them.

you take their empty eyes and fake smiles

and combine them into something that you deem real

and silently, you stand there

pretending to never know how they feel.

every person that sits beside you

may lead you and guide you

into thinking that everything is okay,

but take a second look anyway.

and you will see that they are silently

crying out to you

and undoubtedly seeking a breakthrough.

so open your mind

and blind your pride's eyes,

and be prepared for what's inside

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about everyday people, including myself because we all ignore looking into someone else's soul sometime or another, and we all know that they are hurting despite their smiles.

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spperk36 said...
on Oct. 10 2008 at 10:57 pm
hey-this is really, really good. the best i've seen on here so far, anyway. this hit me really hard right now because me and all my friends have been going through really hard times, and yet we all say "i'm fine" when asked what's up. Keeping Writing.

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