Victorious At Last

October 7, 2008
By The Truth Is Void ..., Charlotte, NC

There it was, on the horizon
pouring out to me rays of gold
glimmers of silver
sparkles of triumph.
That one path that was
barricaded with pain and hurt..
was finally cleared away.
I journeyed through prideful forests
ignorant swamps
esteem-ridden seas
and stepped foot on lands
I could call home.
Heart bursting, tears falling
I opened up my arms
and embraced them
My faults
my imperfections
my ME
I had cut down my enemies
Made it's general my dog
and it's king my b**ch
I devoured it
painstakingly I trained
through heart-ache and uncertainty
my last strand snapped
hence I could not control my fury.
And I demolished it
But in it's decimated state was beauty
And at that moment my soul
was at ease.
And with confidence I stood
altering an ancient allusion that,
I found,
merely befitting
"I came, I saw, I lost."

The author's comments:
This poem was meant for those who know the struggle..

But don't feel that they'll make it.

Hold strong and you will. I'm doing the same.

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