Fork in the Road

October 7, 2008
By Joice Lam, North Yorj, ZZ

So you’re at a fork in the road
Now on your shoulders,
There’s a huge load
With the weight of a hundred boulders.

It’s a vague screaming thought you just want to cork
It’s a premonition that tells you just what to do
It crackles each moment you’re struck with a fork
A fork in the road that always faces you

You are motionless
As time places you in this dreaded spot
Your mind becomes wordless
As you wonder which path is better sought

Each moment in time
Each road over-tried
Each rocky wall you’ve climbed
Each forest formed from the rains you’ve cried

You’d have thought you could choose
That you could tell
Which of the colourful hues
This fork in the road would dispel

Then with a shock, you realize
That each fork in the road
Is different in shape and size
And not even one can be just a goad

You take a step back
You look at this masterpiece
And the ones before that
You realize that none of the roads cease

Each fork leads to another
To make a journey of forks in the road
You find an expedition of wonder
That has led you to road after road

And you realize with a smile
You will remember each road
Even when you grow old and senile
Because they have made the colours of your rainbow.

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