And the Winner Is. . .

October 7, 2008
By Jamie Quail, South Plainfield, NJ

Today is Tuesday and I am awaiting tomorrow.
Will I be left with happiness, or will it be sorrow?
The finale of my fav'rite show airs tomorrow night.
I woner who will win, I hope that the answer is right.

I wake up on Wedn'sday with an anxious smile on my face.
I picture myself ecstatic knowing who took first place.
Will it be him, or will it be her? I truly don't know.
They are both two gifted dancers. The answer is unknown.

I discuss my plan for tonight with everyone i see.
I've waitied three months for this, I'm excited as can be.
In my head I review my schedule for this Wednesday night,
When i realize, soccer and CCD are in my sight.

My mouth dropped to the floor as soon as i remembered.
I got disappointed; one million questions unanswered.
What do I do? How could I forget? I am so indignant.
Was there a way I could deal with this that's not malignant?

Right when i returned home on this disastrous, gloomy day,
I conjured up a thought that would diminish my dismay.
"Oh Mom, please Mom, could you do a gracious favor for me?
Could you tape the finale of my show on the T.V.?"

"Of course I will Jamie, don't you worry one more minute.
I will tape this show for you so you find out who will win it.
Just tell me what channel and for how long the show will run.
What tinme does the show begin, and when will it be done?"

I told her the time and I added my grateful thank you,
And my dark mood vanished now that I figured out what to do.
I got my things ready for soccer and CCD,
For now my new plan was set without a need to worry.

I returned home that night with butterflies in my stomach,
Awaiting the grand finale, I just could not take it.
I set up the tape and got all of the snack i could get,
With excitment in my body, I almost broke a sweat.

I watched through the fun program of So You Think You Can Dance,
And I realized that my favorite dancer had a chance.
Finally the show was at last coming to a short close,
The winner of the show will soon be announced, I suppose.

The host called attention to the anxious crowd.
With the results in her two shaking hand she said alound,
"The time has come for the first place winner to be announced,"
The anxiousness in the crowd was extremely pronounced.

As she opened the envelope with the winner inside,
She took a deep breath and let out a great, big sigh.
"America's fav'rite dancer of two-thousand six is. . ."
Then the T.V. went blank before i could hear what she says.

After all of the waiting, it was all gone in a puff,
For my mother had not tape-ed the show for long enough.
So that is what happened on that one late night in the fall.
I suppose it just was not meant to be after all.

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