Late Practice

October 7, 2008
She saw her bad grade and had pain in her writhing stomach./
Her life flashed before her eyes, and she began to panic./
Anna was not going to pass, just three tiny points short./
At this time, she had to depend on others for the support.
"Come one; come all to the amazing student talent show!/
Show off any talent you may have and become a pro./
Join and get three extra credits on your student report./
Anna became hopeful, because this was her last resort.
She ran home and went straight to her bedroom for her guitar./
Anna grab-ed her old music and sight-read the last bar./
She sang, she strummed and that was enough practice for the day./
For all we know, this would all just have to go her own way./
Days have pass-ed and the guitar has collected some dust./
Anna thought that practicing was just not a huge, big must./
She went out with some close friends for the past couple of days./
When practice is mentioned, her eyes go two different ways./
When Anna comes home, she goes to her over-sized mirror./
She smirks, she winks, she makes a poker face of a dealer./
Her look has change-ed a hundred times in the past hour,/
yet her songs and music still do not have enough power./
As she stands on the stage with the spotlight on her red face,/
she realized that practicing wasn't such a vast waste./
Anna has been standing on stage for an immense time now,/
yet no one applauds, and she has not had her final bow.
She is frozen on what she sees is a long, far roadway./
She figures she should do something or she'll remain prey./
No one in the audience liked her performance or show./
They booed her off stage and she ran from the chants' big, loud blow.
The kids at school felt bad for the girl they saw on the stage./
Some laughed, some talked to her, some even showed rage./
Anna did not care much for what her peers or teachers thought./
She hoped that her chances of getting credit would not rot.
She walked into the classroom, and the teacher felt her pain./
The contest rules say that Anna cannot get grade point gain./
Anna cried, but she knew for some reason that this was fate./
Her view point changed because she knew not to procrastinate.

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