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October 7, 2008
By Sabrina9305 GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Sabrina9305 GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The Del Piano home felt very calm on that comfy night / Sounds of T.V. and laughter were tangled with a delight / There was no homework to be done, not one worry at all / It was just the family together without any brawl // An abrupt loud pounding traveled through the playful air / The loud sound came from someone who was rapid on the stair / The middle child, Jamie, appeared in the den / She beared news that concerned even the strong men // "I spilt the bleach in the laundry room and now I see smoke" / It took but a second before the happy mood broke / A terror washed over their faces as they turned pale white / The father called the police and soon they were in sight // The men in navy blue commanded everyone outside / Out in the darkness, the Del Pianos stood, huddled, and cried / There were sirens with red lights that hit their beloved home / "This was the end," they thought. "Here comes the extinguishing foam" // As the firefighters went in and explored the doomed house / They found nothing of consequence not even a small mouse /
Finally, our brave, courageous heroes looked to their right / A cloud of smoke hovering over a lamp was in sight // The tall glass topped lamp was lowered down to the curious / What the firefighters saw made them far from furious / Instead it brought laughter to their once serious faces / Never had these men dealt with any humorous cases // Outside the Del Pianos waited impatiently with fear / They became terrified, yet eager on what was to hear / At last the men came out holding the source of the distress / The family could not believe it. How did that cause this large mess? // In the firefighter's hands was a melted G.I. Joe / "Oh, thank goodness," they said as their relief began to glow / That was a night the Del Pianos will never once forget / For it was the youngest, Tommy, who had caused them to fret // However, it did not matter as to who was to blame / That night has been placed into the Del Piano Hall of Fame / So whenever the family is happily together, We always mention the memory that lives forever

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