Math Test

October 7, 2008
By Nicole Daubert, South Plainfield, NJ

I was sitting in my ninth class, nervous for my math test.
So I calmed myself by thinking that I would do my best.
Studying fled my mind last night, because there was a big game.
I hung my head cause my friends studied and now I'm feeling shame.

I tried to relax but tenth period class would not come.
I listened carefully to my friends and I felt real dumb.
Maybe I could hide my math notes and study that instead.
But if the teacher found this out,
I would surely be dead.

Why did I not feel the need to study and watch the show.
I can already tell that my grade
will be really low.
I looked at the clock,
five more minutes, the pressure is on.
My confidence and readiness are definitely gone.

The bell rings loudly and I stand up, but my legs feel weak.
Nervousness and fear are quickly reaching their highest peak.
I debate whether I should go to the nurse and act sick.
But the nurse will send me back to my classroom really quick.

I take my seat and realize there
is no turning back now.
I might be able to pass this, but the question is how?
The teacher passes out the test and
I take out my pen.
I don't know questions one through nine so I skip right to ten.

I struggle through the test and
now I know that I did bad.
There goes my perfect grade point average that I once had.
I am confused and need a break so
I put down my head.
When I start on my test again, my pencil had no lead.

I reached into my pencil case so
I could get some more.
I'm accused of cheating, my grade
is lower than before.
"Oh perfect!" I thought, "this is the one thing I really want!"
I bring it up with tears in my eyes and the class starts to taunt.

"Wait here," the teacher said to me, "I'll grade this test right here.
I close my eyes and act calm but
I hear her say "Oh dear."
"Great," I think, "this is it," as she hands the test back to me.
I look down and staring back at me
is a forty-three.

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