The Gold

October 7, 2008
By Erica Fisher, South Plainfield, NJ

The lights were bright with color; the stage was so very smooth.
I leaped, I turned, I kicked; I had everything to lose.
My dream depends on the fact that i wanted the gold.
I wanted the glory, the victory, all mine to hold.

I smiled and smiled until my cheeks felt very tight.
But I clenched down my teeth, swallowed hard, and I held that bite.
Never in my wildest dreams would I let this win slip.
I kicked, I turned, I jumped, and then I fell into a split.

"Oh my gosh!" I cried, as I slammed down hard onto the stage.
"That was not the right move," I thought, "I remember the change."
I ruined my dance, my chance at my one and only dream.
I had felt my head get light and my ears begin to steam.

The anger and sadness had just taken over me now.
I had ruined my dance and would not dare to take a bow.
Except for just one thing that had totally changed my mind...
I had heard a great, loud clap from way back, way far behind.

Still that warm hearted smile had not ever left my face,
I could not give up on my one dream, so i kept my pace.
I continued the dance, and I looked way deep down inside.
For no one stupid mistake could ever ruin my pride.

Every emotion that was rushing deep through my head;
Is that person still clapping? Or did the clapping grow dead?
I could not hear anything above a great, thumping.
The speedy race of my heart and me landing my jumping.

Then i really listened closely and heard that great, loud clap.
The sound of my feet had made a new sound, tap, tap, tap, tap.
I heavily breathed in and out, in and out through my nose.
Then I held my head high and felt proud as I posed.

I did not win the gold today like I had hoped to do.
And if I think about it, well, I just learned something new.
For gold down not make you a winner, believe in yourself.
Hold your head high and think, you are not like anyone else.

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