The Big Game

October 7, 2008
By Joe Krawiec, South Plainfield, NJ

It was a quarter to one and I could taste the fun.
There was not a cloud in sight just me looking at the sun.
Later that day we have a game to decide our faith.
I hear the voice in my mind screaming are you ready mate.

I didn't want to eat at lunch I just wanted to run.
At the end of every class i would scream are we done!
That day I wore my green soccer jersey to school with pride.
It was such a big game I would get high fives from every side.

The teachers let us out a half n hour early that day.
This way you will not be late on your mighty quest to play
As we pulled away from the school students yelled good luck.
In return we yelled we don't need luck you silly duck.

On the bus ride up every single player was ready.
Along with the scorekeepers Susie and her friend Betty.
As we grew closer everyone started to get quiet.
Someone said we were going to lose but i denied it.

When we got there the coach tried to bless us with a few words.
He exclaimed now go out there and get them you big heard.
With one gigantic roar everyone yelled and ran out.
What we were all going to see would make us all pout.

It was a short ride and we got there with plenty of time.
I was anxious to play and knew this game was mine.
When we got off the bus the coach told us to look around.
The field was nice but the other team was no where to be found.

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