The Longest Day

October 7, 2008
For Karen the first day of swim practice was awaiting.
Was she happy, sad, nervous, anxious?She was debating.
What would today be like,especially with a new coach?
Will the coach be nice and friendly, or act like a total roach?

High above,on the shelf is where my aqua swim bag hangs.
Many things are to be packed,and what to do with my bangs?
One by one I pack my bag, with thoughts running through my head.
What bathing suit to wear? My mind was saying amber or red?

Mom walks in informing, "Hurry Karen,don't want to be late!"
I sprint downstairs and out the door I go in a swift rate.
As I walk up the steps I think to myself and wonder,
Would today be flawless or will it abruptly thunder?

I go to the girls locker room,and then to the pool deck.
The younger kids are swimming,but their puny feet gently peck.
I bolt up to my friends and give them a welcoming hug.
Just as my eyes marvel I look down and see a bug.

I peek into my swim bag and Oh No,something is wrong!
My amber bathing suit it's gone!I panic,but stay strong.
My friends all replied the same,"Sorry Karen no, i don't."
Would i find another one? Should i give up? No, I won't!

The new coach yelled and everyone went into the water.
I need to find my bathing suit;this is not a laughing matter.
As i dug through my bag and unwrapped my towel,I was merry.
I told my coach what happened abd found out her name, Carrie.

My suit was finally on,and I hopped into the pool.
Only half the set left to swim,but I felt like a fool.
I had done a flip turn and my amber bathing suit tore.
My smile turned upside down,and there was nothing to adore.

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