Henrietta Takes Flight

October 7, 2008
One day a little blue bird was trying to learn to fly.
She told her mom she knew how, but it was just a mere lie.
Her mom told her," I want to see you fly, well, go ahead."
The little bluebird hopped away timidly and went to bed.

The little blubird's name was Henrietta Jane Bluebirds.
She screamed when she saw a tub of chunky cottage cheese curds.
Chunky cottage cheese curds are her favorite kind of snack.
The cottage cheese curds were on a windowsill in a pack.

The problem arose when she knew she couldn't fly there.
But it was all part of her sister's mischevious dare.
Her sister, Luetta, was eating some ripe berries.
Now, she knew that the dare would not make her sister merry.

Off Luetta went to tell her sister about the curds.
She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw those big dog herds.
She sounded a call and every bird flew right off that tree.
It sounded muich like a whistle and went "Dee, dee, dee, dee."

All the birds flew except that little Henrietta.
Poor henrietta's sister couldn't fly, poor Luetta.
She walked right over to her sister and said:
"Henrietta, isn't it safe if we went in our bed?"

Of course Henrietta's answer to her question was "yes."
they went to their bed quietly and hopped through the big huge mess.
Henrietta knew that when the birds came back it was fine.
The sisters talked about the curds, she said that they are mine!

Now it was time for Luetta to tell her the "kind" dare.
She thought that Henrietta would not even really care.
Luetta came out with the dare and she was quite shocked.
Henrietta stared at her sister with both her eyes locked.

Henrietta said," Okay, i'll go get htose big curds."
Onto that tree she hopped right passed a big group of bird nerds.
On to the tip of that branch she hopped, and then she jumped.
Out her big wings flew and she felt like she was being bumped.

With all the air around her she flew gracefully up.
She flew passed some rather big huge birds and said," hey guys, 'sup?"
Now, down Henrietta flew to get her favorite snack.
She couldn't take her eyes off that chunky cottage cheese pack.

Henrietta had a feeling now, that she was falling.
"Watch out, Henrietta!" she could hear her sister calling.
Tumbling and falling as she fell through the great vast air.
Then, all at once she fell into that great big window there.

She found out all at once that the cottage cheese was inside.
Her mother was frightened that her baby could've died.
Henrietta lay there on the grass and she felt tired.
Her sister, Luetta, now knew that her plan had backfired.

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