Ode To A Season's Day

October 7, 2008
By Jordan Quinn, Cantonment, FL

Winds the color of summer skies, red with the eminent coming of autumn
Dance along shores of green-
Singing songs of things unseen-
Of life and death, of kings and queens
Of past civilizations long come.

“I sing you a song of love and life
Of lessons and learning
Of sorrow and strife
I sing you a tale of friends and of foes
Of tragedy and heart breaks
And eminent woe.”

Such is the cry of the prevailing winds
Un-fettered by the chains of propriety’s lie
Calling out a hollow rhyme-
The pulsating hearts of men who sin
Forever caught in an endless mime-
Motion, intrigued by life’s ceaseless whim
And carried by the tripping tread of time.

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