Love Goes Farther

October 7, 2008
By Kaitlyn LeClair, Clarkston, MI

Our daily busy no-room routines
stop us from being with one another.
You now seem like a distant stranger
but love goes farther.

When we find room, awesome pleasure is present
being held close in your arms, feeling you’re every breathe,
as your heart beats rhythmically with mine
but love goes farther.

You stand as a valiant prince with a battle-ready light saber
and say with a deep voice, “I love you with the radiance of 1,000 suns.”
Then grab my waist giving a wet kiss with a pledge to protect me
but love goes farther.

We have one dream, one hope for a future together I’ll remember
as you play me your song on the piano, the music I adore most.
And with God on our side, singing along, not a piece of the puzzle is out of place
but love goes farther.

Farther, pressing straight forward through all obstacles
of fortress barriers and warriors desirous to conquer what we have.
Because love exceeds all limitations, surviving even heartless wars, to live on
because love goes farther.

My love, listen to your heart’s soft whispers of its deep desires;
be not afraid of losing a future that has not yet come.
Follow its words and then this shall never fail you:
our pure love taking us farther, forevermore.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to my love, Ben. YOU ROCK MORMON BOY!!!

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