My Second Home

October 7, 2008
By Nicole Otenbaker, Clarkston, MI

The ocean.
Growing up, I stood
Besides it’s sandy shores.

A gentle salty breeze swirling
Through strands of my dark curly hair.

The aroma of this wonderful place
Calms me, as if I were drifting off to sleep.

Walking the shoreline along a palm tree lined beach
cool shallow waves of white foam from the tide
Wash over my feet.

I feel small against it.
I can’t see the other side, and I'm overwhelmed
By its beauty and the vast miles upon miles
Of turquoise water.

The golden sun overhead sparkles on this water
And creates the look of diamonds.

I can’t help but smile.
I have a personal connection.
Something draws me to this place,
And I cannot get enough.

Saltwater must be running through these veins.
I have a longing to return,
And these winter months will be hard.

But soon I will return to my “second home”.
The place I love.
The place I’d do anything to be at.
The ocean.

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