The Long Journey

October 7, 2008
By Anonymous

It was a dreary Friday afternoon in September./ And it would be a day to remember./ School was almost over and a race was planned for that day./ They got their uniforms on, but there was no time to play./

They loaded onto the bus and headed to the next town./ Joy and excitement filled the air and there was not a frown./ the team was ready to run the long course of their first meet./ They had practiced many days and did not want to get beat./

The bus was filled with laughter among all of the friends./ Along the way, the road had many big bumps and sharp bends./ The coach was glad to see that they had almost gotton there./ He wanted the team to settle down and start to prepare.

All of a sudden they heard a loud bang and saw black smoke./ It was to be their big race day, how could the engine choke?/ The driver pulled the bus to the side of the road./ All got quiet and they hoped they wouldnt have to be towed.

Things could have been worse for them; it was only a flat tire./ After making some calls, they found a mechanic to hire./ The mechanic came quickly and was able to help them./ Diligently he worked and fixed it fast, he was a gem.

Back on the road the bus went, to get to their location./ It wasn't long until they got to their destination./ The whole team was glad when they pulled into the parking lot./ From the beginning of the trip, they had been through a lot.

Off the bus the team leaped out and headed for the race course./ They stretched in place for a minute, then ran warm up with force./ They gazed around the area as they looked for the team./ They headed for the start line, a good idea it would seem.

The official was standing there with his timer in hand./ The coach asked where the others were, no one was in the stand./ He informed them they had to forfeit because they were late./ After all they went through, losing the race would be their fate.

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