The Perfect Outfit

October 7, 2008
By Tanya Joshi, South Plainfield, NJ

In exactly three whole days is the first day of high school. / Katie searched for the perfect outfit but none seemed that cool. / She looked thru her mom's closet, friend's drawer, and her own dresser. / She needed the attire to be great; Oh the pressure! //

She finally decided to shop for a new outfit. / She went online to for a bit. / Katie scanned the site for an idea or suggestion. / She found the perfect outfit. About it, there's no question. //

She printed the three color choices out and marked them too. / Now all she needed were opinions of a trusted few. / So she selected two friends to help her make up her mind. / First she went to Tee because she was easier to find.

Tee examined the choices and answered after much thought. / She announced, "I like this cute, green combination a lot." / With this impression, Kaite comfortably agreed. / Now she was sure her other friend's choice would be green indeed. //

On the contrary, Jay disagreed and liked another. / She preferred the white-colored appareal and no other. / Katie was more confused than ever amoung the two picks. / Yet, she forgot the third choice was the colors' intermix. //

She looked at the outfit's different colors and noticed it. / The third choice was a combo; a green and white outfit. / Then she realized this was destined to be the chosen one. / No time for dillydallying there's shopping to be done! //

Katie sprinted to her mother and pleaded and pleaded. / They drove straight to the mall to find and buy what she needed. / Her mom dropped her off at the entrance of Hollipostale. / When she found the green and white outfit, she wanted to yell. //

It was just as she pictured it; perfect and in her size. / It was the last one left, right before her very eyes. / She quickly grabbed it and happily went to the cashier. / Katie felt extremely achieved; she made it very clear. //

The cashier's name tag read "Jimmy Waltery Teaneck". / Jimmy asked, "Excuse me madam, will that be cash or check?" / She replied as she searched thru her big purse for a twenty. / After hunting for the bill, all she found was a penny!

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