The Day I Almost Baked a Souffle

October 7, 2008
By Anonymous

I woke up one wonderful, beautiful, bright morning day/ Thoughts crept into my head today i shall bake a souffle/ Jumped out of bed like a lightning bolt speeding down the hall/
Sharp turn around the corner would have had a very great fall/
Rummaged through the cabinets not knowing what to lok for/ Now i have decided i shall run out to the food store./ At the food store there were lines which seemed to take forever/ When will I get to bake it, I thought, the answer now was never./
But at last it was my turn at the very very front/ Then I turned around and smiled , but the lady gave a grunt./ Paid for my belongings, twenty two dollars and no more,/ Now i must get to work, i said, and quickly left the store.
Finally exausted arrived home quarter after four,/ I heard my dog, Sisco, barking as i approached the door./ Lined up all the groceries in a very nice neat row,/ amoung them stood a puch of cocoa with a cute pink bow./
I stood up on a foot stool reaching high up for the bowl,/ To reach it off the top shel, that was my mighty goal,/ Now i swiftlt stirred at aplattered the batter everywhere,/ On the cabinets, floor, window, and even in my hair./
First the eggs, cocoa, and butter, they all went in at once,/ Second went the heavy cream whiched i measured ounce by ounce./ And finally the recipe was comming to an end,/ so it was time to set the oven to one hundred ten./
And gently it went in, my wonderful chocolate souffle,/ Gosh, I can't believe it, I thought, I made it in one day./ I went over to read my book in quiet peace at last,/ Oh dear, I wondered as I read, I hope the time goes fast./
As i was reading line by line of my exciting book,/ That's it, I said, as I got up, I must go have a look./ As i entered the kitchen hall the smell enchanted me,/ I hurtled to the oven door which opened violently./
And through the window I felt the breeze of the cool fall air,/ But when I looked into the oven, I couldn't help but stare./ The beautiful master piece on which i worked all day,/ Was now nothing but just an ugly, dark, flattened souffle./

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