The Day the Rains Came

October 7, 2008
Twas the week of the game and the forecast said it would rain.
Then the players on both teams must have almost gone insane.
It was the first baseball game of the season with two teams.
The Jaguars and the Warriors were ready to grip the seams.

It was the day of the first game and it still had not rain.
But in five hours all the players' hearts would be in pain.
The Jaguars and the Warriors both arrive at the game.
Both teams knew they would not be entering the Hall of Fame.

About an hour before the game; the teams began to warm up.
Most of the fans arrived with their soda in a large cup.
All the fans cheer as the Jaguars begin to take the field.
Once they got into their positions they began to yield.

Both the players and fans look at the sky as it turns gray.
Then the first pitch is thrown when the dark sky begins to spray.
The game continues on as the players watch the big drops.
The dry field becomes wet as the water begins to plop.

Soon after the players were taken off of the wet field.
The players ran to the dugout and used it as a shield.
As the players got to the dugout they heard a huge crack.
It sounded like a ball hitting an aluminum bat.

The crowd made a run for it when the sky began to pour.
Most of the fans ran to the nearest supermarket store.
As it began to rain harder the game was soon canceled.
It was canceled when said so by the umpire Hansel.

Most of the players were sad after they heard this game call.
As the players heard this, they knew they wouldn't hit the ball.
The players were mad after this short and wet game.
But most of them knew the anxiety would soon be tamed.

(extra space between new stanzas)

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