The Big Surprise

October 7, 2008
By Katie Staynings, South Plainfield, NJ

It wasn't a pleasant day for Janelle that November/She was so frantic and rushed that she lost her cucumber/She immediately dropped her food and started planning/Janelle was so focused that she forgot to go tanning

She was doing all this because it was almost the fifth/It was so shocking that she thought it was all just a myth/It was crazy because tomorrow was a special day/Tanya's twevlth birthday was happening but she did not say

No one knew it was her birthday I don't know why this is/But Janelle needed some help and decided to call Liz/Liz was a good friend that had everything under control/She always helped out Janelle when she trys to reach her goals

So Janelle and Liz spent hours planning for this party/But Liz had to go help one of her best friends,Marty/Now Janelle was by herself and was very lost and confused/She got so mad and thought she was going to blow a fuse

Right away she made party invites and decorations/There were so many that they could spread across the nation/After the invitations were out Janelle felt relieved/She made sure each one was perfect and each one was recieved

She had to cancel her dental appointment and dance class/Just to finish preparing for Tanya's big birthday bash/Now everything was just perfect and did seem quite alright/Until Janelle forgot something and was given a fright

It was the most essential part to this special surprise/Without it, all her hard work would crumble before her eyes/Janelle forgot to get a gift for her best friend Tanya/She wanted to give her free tickets to Mexicana

But Janelle couldn't afford a trip that was this pricey/She then thought about getting cucumbers that were spicey/Since she couldn't decide, she arranged a ride to the mall/ She arrived and came across a beautiful tiny doll

It was so expensive that Janelle spent all her money/She then rushed home so quick that it wasn't even funny/Janelle wrapped this great gift and got everyone together/It was so quiet you could hear the drop of a feather

Finally, Tanya had come and made two knocks at the door/She came in and they yelled so loud that she fell to the floor/After this whole shock Tanya woke up and what she did say,/Confused Janelle because it wasn't even her birthday/

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on Nov. 3 2008 at 4:04 pm
this changed my life completely. i'm extremely pleased of your litterature.


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