The Best Movie Ever

October 7, 2008
By Jennifer Barone, South Plainfield, NJ

Months of great anticipation
Ready for the twenty-first I had my money to spend
Even bought a Twilight t-shirt to wear to the movie
This was something I have waited forever to see

I called up some friends making sure that ours plans were all set
We knew if we missed this we would be very upset
I coulkd not wait to see Robert Pattinson on the screen
I know the very sight of him would make me want to scream

It was Thursday and the movie would be out tomorrow
But what happened in Geometry filled me with sorrow
On my desk was Tuesdays test with a big F colored red
Get a good grade on your test or you can't go mom had said

I got home finished my homework and flipped on the TV
"So how did you do on that test," my mom asked me
Me, not knowing what to say just handed the test to her
"This is terrible you're not going thats for sure."

"You can't do that mother,"
I shouted in great protest
"You should have thought about that while taking your test."
Later sitting with my father my mother had gone out
I looked up at him and gave him my most powerful pout

"Daddy," I said looking up at him, "this is so unfair."
Now my eyes were glistening with tears and filled with despair
He hated when I cried so he thought about what to do
He said, "Promise to study harder and I will take you"

So I ran up the stairs and hopped in the nice warm shower
I chuckled; guess that fake crying bit still has some power
The next day I told my mom she had to go to the store
Who knew getting her out of the house would be such a chore

I was so elated soon i would be watching Twilight
But then I looked up at the clock and I got such a fright
I looked out of the window and then my dad's truck was there
Thank goodness we got there only ten minutes to spare

My dad slowly drove arouind trying to find a spot
I said, "Forget this," and hopped out and ran fast across the lot.
"One for the movie Twilight!" I said in alomost a shout.
The guy said apologetically, "Sorry that's all sold out."

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This article has 1 comment.

on Nov. 3 2008 at 4:08 pm
Heyy!!!!!!!! Awesome poem... its like soooo what you would write...... Can't wait 'til the 21st!!!! ~ Jenn


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